Agricultural abrasive sandblasting, Ballarat

Polyspray offers much more than Melbourne industrial sandblasting

Polyspray’s base in Ballarat means its mobile sandblasting services are in demand from the surrounding agricultural sector. Although we might be concrete blasting and stone blasting in┬áMelbourne one day, it’s just as likely we’ll be tackling water storage tanks sandblasting jobs on Ballarat district properties the next. The rural sector keeps us busy and while some might think mobile industrial sandblasting is one of our key markets, agricultural equipment sandblasting is also in demand.

So, whether your need us to sandblast rainwater tanks or require our machinery sandblasting services to tidy up battered farm equipment, Polyspray is the farmer’s best friend. And don’t worry that our abrasive blasting will damage valuable machines or leave behind toxic residue on your property. We have a variety of blasting options available, including garnet blasting which is particularly environmentally friendly. Garnet blasting is popular in Melbourne, as are our dry ice and soda blasting services for those seeking non-abrasive blasting options.

Polyspray also focuses on providing its mobile abrasive sandblasting services to the automotive, marine and industrial and mining sectors. Contact Polyspray today to find out how we can work with you.