Automotive & machinery equipment sandblasting, Ballarat & Melbourne

Plant and equipment sandblasting

Polyspray is Victoria’s mobile specialist in the sandblasting and painting of plant. machinery and equipment. From plant sandblasting on an industrial site to done-by-the-roadside machinery equipment sandblasting, Polyspray’s plant and equipment mobile sandblasting service for Melbourne, Ballarat and across Victoria is up for the challenge of making your project stand out and look brand new.

We pride ourselves on the fact our plant and equipment sandblasting service does not attract frequent repeat business. When we do the job, the results last – for years, even in industrial and mining settings! Gone are the days you’d have to call in a machinery equipment sandblasting team every year to prepare for the excavator’s annual paint job. With Polyspray’s mobile plant and equipment sandblasting service and professional and precise paint system and quality control measures, once each decade or two is as much as you’ll need to see us. Once we’ve finished with your project we are not going to hear from until you have a different job for us.

Sandblasting and painting your asset to protect it from rust and corrosion means less maintenance, fewer costs and less down time. As well, if appearances are important – and they really are! – our sandblasting and coatings service will make you look good… very good. The next time your plant and equipment go on site you’ll look the part and ahead of your game.

While we offer plant, machinery and equipment sandblasting and coating from our mobile service, Polyspray has full in house OHS Systems and quality control management.

Polyspray also has the very latest in testing equipment, from dry film thickness gauges to digital blast profile gauges. Polyspray can do your job from start to finish. Our plant and equipment sandblasting addresses all aspects of surface preparation and we strive to ensure our coatings are perfect,  right down to the last drop of paint. Polyspray can use all brands names of paint however we are heavily backed by Dulux, a brand name we all know to be great.

Tank coating for chemical tankers

The harsh chemicals tankers carry can take their toll on the interior lining. Polyspray’s range of spray-on polyurea, polyurethane and elastomer coatings provide premier protection.

Trailer sandblasting

Do you have one of those 6X4 trailers rusting out in your back yard with last year’s prunings still in it? Well, empty it out and call Polyspray. We can blast, repair and repaint your 6×4 trailer so it looks as good as new. Our mobile abrasive blasting service will give your trailer a new lease of life so you will have it for a long time to come.

If you’re a professional truck driver with commercial vehicles to keep in order, Polyspray’s vehicle sandblasting service is what you want. We can garnet blast and paint your semi flat top, taunt liner, or four-decker stock crate. The end result will be a trailer that is rust free and looks good going down the road. Your business will stand out from the rest and you will be the envy of your rivals. A fully blasted and two-pack painted trailer will not only make you look good but will also keep the authorities off your back.

You can’t go past our automotive sandblasting services so contact Polyspray today to get that new-look trailer on its way.


Whether it is an old classic car, motorcycle or truck, Polyspray has the expertise in vehicle sandblasting services and follow-up painting to bring your restoration project back to its former glory. We even do boats, with our mobile sandblasting service for marine clients constantly in demand. Our abrasive blasting specialties include garnet, dry ice and soda blasting and our mobile abrasive sandblasting services has cleared the way for many vehicle rust repairs.

Be assured, Polyspray has only highly skilled personnel that will complete your project with the utmost care, ensuring no further repair work due to too much pressure, incorrect medium or unskilled labor.

And if you not in the market for automotive sandblasting, our skills extend much further.  We’re also brick sandblasting, stone blasting and concrete sandblasting experts and our brick sandblasting in Melbourne has helped resurrect some of the city’s historic buildings and removing graffiti keeps us busy with concrete sandblasting in Melbourne.

Automotive Case Studies

Soda Blasting Services – Corvette – Ballarat

Posted on November 1, 2016 in Case Studies

    Client: Local Painter –  Ballarat Project:  Corvette Fiberglassed body Product: Soda blasting Completion: October 2016 On-site requirements Polyspray Soda blasting services to remove all paint as it was impossible to sand off. Prepare and clean substrate without damaging the fiberglass body or the chrome trim and windows that were still attached to the car. Provide a suitably prepared surface…

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