Mobile industrial sandblasting, Melbourne & Ballarat

Industrial sandblasting for mining

As leading mobile industrial sandblasting experts for Melbourne, Ballarat and other Victorian centres, Polyspray are specialists in blasting and painting mining infrastructure.

Calculating wind speed, direction and installing cladding to protect other plant, equipment and the environment from the abrasive sandblasting and paint overspray is just another day here at Polyspray. We have all the necessary licences and qualifications to complete all projects. Our mobile sandblasting staff and contractors work vigorously to maintain professional work standards, quality and ethics to ensure the safety of all and we have quality management procedures in place to meet client specifications. Don’t hesitate to contact the professional team at Polyspray to discuss all mining-related abrasive sand blasting and protective coating work. Testimonials and references are available on request.

Polyspray’s mobile industrial sandblasting complements our industrial pipe coatings Melbourne companies and businesses across Victoria and interstate have implemented to protect their piping infrastructure.

Concrete rebates

Polyspray’s revolutionary concrete rebates are one of the best mates a concreter can have and are an ideal complement to our mining and industrial sandblasting and coating services. Polyspray has designed a tough, lightweight rebate which delivers a perfect rebate finish. Coated with Polyspray’s spray-on elastomer, the rebates provide a seamless and waterproof coating that has the added benefit of being extremely hard wearing and resistant to abrasion shockwaves and punctures. Our rebates weigh between three and four kilograms for a two-brick-high 2.4-metre length, making them easy to carry two at time under each arm. The rebates are easily pressure-washed after each job.

Polyspray’s concrete rebates are cost effective, particularly when compared with traditional agricultural-grade polystyrene covered in black plastic. Give Polyspray a call for a free demonstration and quote.

And remember, our services cover pretty much all sectors, from sandblasting for marine, agricultural and automotive sectors, right through to non-abrasive dry ice blasting suitable for cleaning sensitive electronics.

Industrial & Mining Case Studies

Dry Ice Blasting of Smoke Damaged Commercial Laundry Equipment – South Pacific Laundry, Melbourne

Posted on August 17, 2016 in Case Studies

Client: South Pacific Laundry, Broadmeadows, Melbourne Project: Smoke-Damaged Commercial Laundry Equipment Product: Dry ice blasting Completion: 2016 Dry ice blasting in Melbourne laundry of all surfaces of the laundry equipment to remove smoke, fire and chemical damage to the equipment. Provide a more aesthetically appealing look whilst giving the equipment a clean surface for the…

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Copper Extraction Cribs at Rio Tinto Bundoora, Melbourne

Posted on August 17, 2013 in Case Studies

Client: Rio Tinto Bundoora, Melbourne Project: Copper Extraction Cribs Product: Polyurea, Polyeuro 5502 Completion: 2012 – 2013 Provide tank coatings on Melbourne site for long-term protection of each shell piece that makes a full crib vessel. Provide a seamless hard wearing coating capable of withstanding humid conditions at around 55 degrees. Provide a coating able…

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Culcairn Water Storage Tank Repair with Polyurea

Culcairn Water Storage Reservoir

Posted on December 17, 2009 in Case Studies

Client: Greater Hume Shire Council, New South Wales Project: Culcairn Water Storage Reservoir NSW Product: Polyureo 5502 Polyurea Completion: 2009 Stop water leak at top of the reservoir approximately 20 meters up. Long-term seal and protection. Provide a seamless application to the top four meters of the reservoir. The reservoir was leaking at many points…

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