Marine equipment sandblasting services, Melbourne and along the coast

Abrasive blasting is a quick, easy and exceptionally effective cleaning method for the marine industry. Polyspray’s range of abrasive blasting services includes garnet blasting, soda blasting and non-abrasive dry ice blasting and our mobile sandblasting services span from Melbourne to Portland in the Victoria’s south-west and right along the east coast and interstate.

Marine environments are particularly harsh and Polyspray can help boat owners clear their craft of salt and barnacles and other marine growths which adhere to submerged hulls. Our soda blasting is an ideal anti-foul treatment that is not only effective, but is also environmentally friendly.

Boat owners wanting to remove rust or prepare for a new paint job benefit from Polyspray services, with a quick abrasive blasting treatment removing unwanted surfaces more efficiently and effectively than hours spent on a sanding machine or pressure washing.

From stone or concrete blasting Melbourne wharves or soda blasting in Portland’s harbour – Polyspray’s mobile abrasive sandblasting service travels to wherever clients require its services.

As well as the marine industry, Polyspray works in the automotive and agricultural sectors and the mining and industrial fields providing abrasive blasting services ranging from industrial pipe coatings in Melbourne, through to brick sandblasting in Ballarat. We also offer a range of painting and coating services, including epoxy coatings, floor coatings and even line marking. Importantly, we’re mobile and travel to where we’re needed.