Soda blasting, Melbourne & Ballarat

Soda blasting is environmentally safe and leaves a non-abraded finish so soft metals, windows and delicate items can be cleaned worry free and without distortion. Typical uses of soda blasting in Melbourne in particular are graffiti removal and it’s also popular with automobile restorers for those large panels on vehicles such as roofs and bonnets that conventional blasting can cause to warp. Soda blasting is the perfect preparation before painting or coating surfaces that need protection but require a fine finish.

Blasting with soda is also ideal for restoring motor parts such as the heads and engine cases of vintage cars and motorcycles, bringing well-used parts back to their original glory. Boat lovers also call on soda to clean hulls and fittings without damaging surface finishes. Gentle is perhaps the best way to describe soda blasting compared with other forms of blasting available from Polyspray’s mobile abrasive sandblasting service. Soda blasting is so good, in fact, one of its earliest widely publicised uses was to clean the iconic Statue of Liberty back in the ’80s. You can be sure the US of A wouldn’t do anything that could harm old Lady Liberty and that alone speaks volumes for the virtues of soda as a blasting medium.

Other uses for soda blasting include work located in sensitive environmental areas such as close to waterways and residential areas. Polyspray prides itself on professionalism and our mobile units are clean, functional and we have high-powered compressors to get blasting jobs done fast and to specification.

We are able to blast wet or dry and have dust extraction units to minimise and collect dust if required. Polyspray also has a large vacuum unit at our fingertips to clean up as we go. The key to all success is preparation and soda blasting may be the best choice for your next abrasive cleaning and painting project.

If you have a specialised project, call Polyspray now to discuss all your options with professional and experienced operators. Our services range from mobile sandblasting through to epoxy coatings for the industrial, agricultural, mining and marine sectors.