Epoxy coatings, Melbourne & Ballarat

Polyspray’s statewide mobile abrasive sandblasting service extends to painting and industrial-strength coatings, including high-strength epoxy coatings and floor coatings for Melbourne and surrounds.

Epoxy coatings have wide uses and applications and much of Polyspray’s work comes from clients seeking protective coatings for industrial, manufacturing and agricultural equipment, just to name some of its applications. Epoxy is the ideal solution as an industrial coating where metals need protection from the corrosive effects of chemicals or particle abrasion. Epoxy is also a common surface treatment for fibreglass and ceramics.

At Polyspray, we provide 100 percent solid epoxy coatings and linings, high-temperature coatings and two-pack epoxy coatings. Our mobile service covers the state and although much of our work comes from Melbourne and our home base Ballarat, we travel throughout Victoria providing prompt and professional service.