Painting & industrial pipe coatings, Melbourne & Ballarat

Statewide industrial pipe coatings

Whether it’s a new pipe or existing piping that runs for kilometres, Polyspray should be the first choice for pipe blasting and industrial pipe coating in Melbourne and across Victoria. Based in Ballarat and equipped with the latest technology, facilities and accreditation, Polyspray’s mobile polyurethane and elastomer coating and abrasive services are the right choice for abrasive blasting of pipes and the addition of a protective industrial pipe coating suitable for Melbourne’s biggest factories.

Polyspray’s range of state-of-the-art equipment includes industrial-strength air compressors which allow our team to work promptly and efficiently while delivering the service and end result clients expect and deserve. Whether you need high-quality epoxy coating in the country, dry ice blasting for a Melbourne commercial kitchen, soda blasting for a machinery restoration or traditional abrasive blasting, Polyspray’s mobile blasting service for Melbourne and beyond is the answer.

Industrial painting across Victoria

As well as being a leader of industrial pipe coatings in Melbourne and beyond, Polyspray also prides itself on being among the best applicators of industrial painting in Victoria. We strive to supply a coating system suitable to your project that will last for 20 to 25 years. We work with you to get the very best outcome to suit your budget. Our painting and coatings services even include line marking to clearly mark out what goes where or what shouldn’t go there.

Polyspray has built an outstanding reputation stemming from the fact we do not have to go back and repeat a job. Whether it’s abrasive blasting or application of epoxy coatings, once the job is done, it’s done, and done to your satisfaction. You won’t want to see us again until you have a new project for us to tackle.