Polyurea, polyurethane & elastomer coatings, Melbourne, Ballarat and beyond

Ballarat-based abrasive blasting business Polyspray is also an industry leader in the application of polyurea and elastomeric coatings in Melbourne, other locations in Victoria, interstate and we’ve even provided work internationally. Having successfully completed numerous projects here in Australia and many for overseas clients we’ve proven we have the knowledge and skills to complete a vast array of projects, no matter how complex, big or small. Polyspray’s resilient coatings, from spray-on foams to epoxies, are the perfect complement to the mobile industrial sandblasting popular with Melbourne industries.

Polyspray is one of the longest-standing companies with a plural component coatings machine to spray elastomeric coatings and is one of a limited number of businesses in Australia with such equipment. Elastomeric is a rare coating designed to last for the lifetime of whatever it coats.

Spray-on polyurea and polyurethane foam applied in single or multiple applications provides a seamless coating that has high abrasive and chemical resistance. These high-performance spray elastomers with high tear, high tensile strength and extreme impact resistance are suitable for even the most demanding applications, protecting against corrosion and abrasion. Fast cure qualities allow for excellent adhesion on suitably prepared substrates even at extremely low temperatures. These fast-set coatings are dry within seconds and ready to be handled within minutes even though the coating might be up to 6mm thick.

Suitable applications for polyurethane foam and polyurea include potable water tanks. Seamless polyurea with a potable water certificate (AS4020) is fast becoming the preferred choice for concrete and steel tank leak repairs. Water authorities around the country are choosing Polyspray because we have successfully completed work on tanks across Victoria and country NSW. Our specially developed systems are now the forefront of these tank repairs.

Secondary containment bunding is also typical for polyurea. Its high resistance to chemicals and seamless application make it the perfect product for chemical bunds. We have a chemical resistance chart available for your perusal and if you can’t see your chemical on the chart please call Polyspray for a free sample to hang in your chemical tank for testing. Seven days usually proves the coating for success or failure. Polyspray can recommend other industrial-strength coatings should polyurea be unsuccessful. Polyspray after all are the coating specialists.

Perfect coating for mining

Polyurea is perfect for mining chutes and launders. Normally steel would wear away from the relentless rock and slurry flows in the mining industry. Polyurea, with its high abrasion qualities, ensures coated equipment long outlives bare steel and other coatings. Polyspray has sprayed polyurea in several local and overseas mines and feedback from the miners is all positive. Whether it is a launder, chute, detox tank or leach vessel, polyurea and other forms of spray elastomer are the winners hands down for mining and quarry applications.

Coatings are just another of element of Polyspray’s wide range of services which include garnet blasting and other forms of abrasive blasting and non-abrasive blasting such as dry ice blasting and soda blasting, favourites in Melbourne. Contact Polyspray for more information.