Spray on foam, Melbourne, Ballarat, statewide

Polyspray’s range of mobile services includes the provision of spray-on polyurethane foam. Spray-on foam’s fast set and thermal qualities are superior to many other insulating products, which make it ideal for the insulation of roofs and under floors to keep winter’s chill and summer’s heat at bay.

Spray-on foam’s uses are not limited to building insulation and it can also be used for insulating thermal tanks. Spray-on foam also has applications in concrete mouldings, theme park design and other artistic ideas. If you’d like to know more about Polyspray’s polyurethane products, download our data sheet for detailed information.

Call us now at Polyspray to discuss your insulating needs or for our other services, including tank coatings and linings for Melbourne industries and customers in other centres. We provide our specialist services to domestic and commercial clients, including coatings and abrasive sand blasting for agricultural, marine, mining and industry and automotive sectors.