Culcairn Water Storage Reservoir

Posted on December 17, 2009 in Case Studies
  • Client: Greater Hume Shire Council, New South Wales
  • Project: Culcairn Water Storage Reservoir NSW
  • Product: Polyureo 5502 Polyurea
  • Completion: 2009

On-site requirements

  • Stop water leak at top of the reservoir approximately 20 meters up.
  • Long-term seal and protection.
  • Provide a seamless application to the top four meters of the reservoir.

The reservoir was leaking at many points but predominantly in an area where the tank had been added onto at some stage around the 20-metre point. With 90% of New South Wales in a drought it was imperative that this reservoir could hold its full capacity of water.

Polyspray was awarded this crucial waterproofing project to provide a high-performance membrane with essential properties of fast cure, seamless application, potable water approval and long-term protection. Polyuero 5502 Polyurea was the chosen product for the project.

With all works having to be done out of a crane basket at around 23 metres in the air as well as in a confined space situation, Polyspray had to give serious consideration to the safety elements of the project. The only communication to the crane operator was via a two-way radio.

With time restraints and showers on the horizon, Polyspray developed a suitable system to eliminate the risks of failures due to possible fissure cracks and high moisture levels in the concrete from recent rain.

The concrete substrate was fully garnet blasted prior to the application of a primer. Then a geotextile fabric was applied and mechanically fixed to the sides of the reservoir providing a moisture free surface for the polyurea membrane application.

The project was a success with no leaks where the membrane was applied.