Yearly Archive: 2016

Soda Blasting Services – Corvette – Ballarat

Posted on November 1, 2016 in Case Studies

    Client: Local Painter –  Ballarat Project:  Corvette Fiberglassed body Product: Soda blasting Completion: October 2016 On-site requirements Polyspray Soda blasting services to remove all paint as it was impossible to sand off. Prepare and clean substrate without damaging the fiberglass body or the chrome trim and windows that were still attached to the car. Provide a suitably prepared surface…

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Dry Ice Blasting of Smoke Damaged Commercial Laundry Equipment – South Pacific Laundry, Melbourne

Posted on August 17, 2016 in Case Studies

Client: South Pacific Laundry, Broadmeadows, Melbourne Project: Smoke-Damaged Commercial Laundry Equipment Product: Dry ice blasting Completion: 2016 Dry ice blasting in Melbourne laundry of all surfaces of the laundry equipment to remove smoke, fire and chemical damage to the equipment. Provide a more aesthetically appealing look whilst giving the equipment a clean surface for the…

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