Soda Blasting Services – Corvette – Ballarat

Posted on November 1, 2016 in Case Studies


  • Client: Local Painter –  Ballarat
  • Project:  Corvette Fiberglassed body
  • Product: Soda blasting
  • Completion: October 2016

On-site requirements

  • Polyspray Soda blasting services to remove all paint as it was impossible to sand off.
  • Prepare and clean substrate without damaging the fiberglass body or the chrome trim and windows that were still attached to the car.
  • Provide a suitably prepared surface ready for the new paint to be applied.

Our client had purchased the corvette off a glossy photo on ebay. However when it arrived the paint was full of crows feet and a soft enamel had been blown over it for presentation. The soft coating balled up on every sheet of sand paper, making it impossible to remove.  Polyspray’s Soda blasting services were contacted to find a way to safely remove the paint without damaging the fiberglass body or the windows and the chrome trim . Our client had a limited budget so pulling the car to pieces to remove windows, trim and interior was not an option and other forms of blast medium would certainly damage something. Soda blasting was the only option for this project, abrasive enough to remove paint but gentle enough not to turn the windows into obscure glass. Polyspray had the knowledge and experience to undertake this delicate task. All works for this project also had to be done onsite just out of Ballarat.

So with the windows in, chrome trim still attached and  badges still attached the works began.

As you can see in the above video our highly trained Soda blasting services operators are right up against the window on this corvette. The glass and chrome trim are fully exposed to the soda blasting process yet the paint is being removed and they are perfectly safe. Below the corvette badge is still in place and you can see the nasty crows feet in the paint work. Also the operator has no choice to be up against the rear window. These are perfect examples of the benefits of Polyspray’s Soda blasting services.